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2nd Annual Online Christian Author's Expo: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SCRIBE

October 15-21st,2017
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I'M B.A.D: Blessed, Anointed and Destined  

"Someone told me a year ago that I was BAD...Blessed Anointed and Destined. I praised GOD for the recognition but I never knew where those three words would have me twelve months later. I didn't understand my destiny and what that meant at that time. I am a bold minister of the Gospel. I am not afraid of what man thinks I am afraid of what God can do to me."

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B.A.D. (Blessed, Anointed & Destined) MONEY

Understanding how you got to the point in your life where money was a problem instead of a blessing. Dana Neal teaches you how to turn around your money woes and prepare for an abundant destiny!
BUY NOW FOR $12.95

B.A.D. Heels: The Right Foundation 

Bringing together women who want to share where they knew they were not standing on the right foundation. These are women that knew they needed JESUS and they share with you that bit of their testimony.

Your Miracle from My Mess 

A testimonial of sorts about my business life since 1999 to the present. This self help book allows me to be transparent and teach you what not to do. 


Ladies, are you getting married? Are you like Esther preparing for your king? Journal it; write down what God does for you in this preparation time. Order your journal Behind the Veil: Preparing for Marriage today. Buy Now style 2 button

Image result for On Bended Knee(OBK)  AmazonOBK: I'm a Wife, Not a Knife 

Brought together to share testimonies and encourage others, but it's also for those of you that need direction, and help in where you are now. A knife cuts, and separates one thing into two; you don't want to be that person. A wife is a help meet, continuing to keep the bond of the marriage; holding together the things that make you ONE. 

Even if you WERE unequally yoked, you are still married and God honors that. Allow Him to release something from the pages of this book to your hearts and minds. God has something for every woman whether your marriage is perfect, just getting started, or has been going through turbulence. Don't give up!


The Lock on the Door

This collection of intimate poems helps bring the mind's eye back to the first kiss, the I-do, and the first love. Re-igniting the senses to help rekindle the flame.
BUY NOW FOR $19.95


Life gives you lots of ups and downs. My main downs happened in relationships with family, and friends.  No Longer A Victim shares a piece of my life in a way that allows you, the reader, to step in ever so briefly.  This is NOT my entire testimony; it's just a taste. 


For every person that has been held back; every person that has been used, and abused, for every person who’s fruit as been chewed up and spit out. This is for every doubt that came against everyone woman; this book is for every child that was busted and disgusted growing up and didn’t know what to do. This is for every parent that lay on the coat tails of their famous children or always sat in the front row when they should have taken a back seat. This is for everyone that was not loved until they did something someone LIKED.


Many years ago, I started an online class helping women get to their breakthrough; little did I know that I would have a ministry and coaching business that would do the same. This book is the elaboration of the online class. Many things have been added and adjusted but it still has the same results; finding you while obtaining the breakthrough.


Prophetic patterns are part of a change in the real reality; it isn’t a change in the Bible or the words God gave. It is an enhanced message to clarify what was also given. The prophetic patterns are pieces where the scriptural run into the natural. They are, specifically, what you remember with what’s going on now. These pieces to the pattern are building to the end result.  

BUY NOW FOR $19.95



Every day I teach about writing down what God gives you; 
this journal helps to keep it in perspective.

Sample Topic Pages: 

  • Remembering the Plan 
  • Prophetic Insight
  • Forgiving you Buy Now style 2 button 

Prophetic Patterns of the Word 

An extension of the Prophetic Patterns teaching. This book is not an afterthought to the teaching it is an addition to help readers realize the word has not changed for their lives. Buy Now style 2 button



 Damia Willis is an agent for the F.B.I: Faith Bureau of Investigations; the agency helping Christians sty alive. She investigates all strange happenings in the world, and gives the spiritual explanations with a solution. She's a woman chosen by God to give the unadulterated spiritual message to help people get ready for the rapture. Damia is not accepted by what she has to say or the work she has to do, but she does her job with integrity and truth.

Damia Willis, FBI: Faith Bureau of Investigation
BUY NOW FOR $14.95

Damia Willis, FBI: Transitions
BUY NOW FOR $15.95

Damia Willis, FBI: For the Love of Family
BUY NOW FOR $17.95

Damia Willis, FBI: A Second Chance

Damia Willis, FBI: Next Level
BUY NOW FOR $19.97

Damia Willis, FBI: Reed and Damia
BUY NOW FOR $19.97

Damia Willis, FBI: Top Secret
BUY NOW FOR $15.97

Damia Willis, FBI: Always on Assignment
BUY NOW FOR $13.95

Damia Willis, FBI Limited Edition Parts 1-5
BUY NOW FOR $24.95 

Damia Willis, FBI; Limited Edition Journal is for the take charge woman. The woman looking to build herself in the middle of her Godly assignments and relationships. It is about taking control, praying about it and moving forward! Buy Now style 2 button

Prophetic Patterns: The Beginning (Novella) 
Two relationships starting with Ruth and Daniel show how they struggle with their talents in the prophetic knowing they are to wed one another. Charles and Jasmine have been married for over five years; their spiritual gifts have been heightened by one phone call from B.A.D LLC. 


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B.A.D.F.B.I: The Journey Continues

After one week 750 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I boarded a Greyhound bus headed to the West Coast; Los Angeles, California. It would take me 2.5 days, uncomfortable sleep, spiritual encounters and a long walk up a steep hill, but I made it.

The trip to California was long and the bus was two hours late getting there. I traveled to Cali in the same faith walk as I did driving to Mississippi; the problem is, I was going where I knew 2, maybe 2 people. I was challenging myself as I could have easily turned back around and went home; home to Milwaukee. It was my aunt (in the pictures above) that encouraged me with a few short words: 
I am excited for you.
Ministry is not what people think it is; very different getting dressed up for Sunday service and serving meals at Thanksgiving, ministry means moving as God says. Headed to California, I met people in the bus stations during the layovers. A woman headed home to see her children after visiting her deceased sisters children for a …

B.A.D. Goals: Bounty, Aspirations and Due Diligence!

It has always been my concern to accomplish everything set before me to accomplish; sometimes it feels like a burden. Yet, consider what a burden is; it is something we take too long to do, and do not lean on God to help us accomplish.

The bible says to cast our burdens on Him; why don't we? Because some of our goals are to show people we can do it without giving God glory. God gives us an ability to accomplish MUCH, but we must acknowledge HIM IN FRONT OF OTHERS.

What does this have to do with goals?
We can't expect to receive if we don't know with whom we are receiving from; lack of spiritual connection, relationship, with the Father.

Study the book of James chapter 4 verses 2 and 3 about pride and lust.

You cannot get help with your goals, looking only to yourself and your strength to accomplish those goals. With this understanding seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be given to you. (Paraphrased; See Matthew 6:33)

B.A.D Goals is the blessings and anointi…

B.A.D. Launch is Today: HEAR ME ROAR

I'm so excited that the B.A.D. soft launch starts today that I cant' even get ready. 

This change has been a long haul, and a blessed one at that. I have been up and down, and I have been around in circles. Yet, when I say that the blessings come from hearing and doing what the LORD says to do, that is where you know you are on the right path. When you see the people come at you from all sides, and you still keep pressing, although you might be crying, but you still keep pressing, that is the strength of JESUS IN YOU. 
Blessed, Anointed and Destined is determined to change the view that women of being successful, of excelling to great heights, and their view of the glass ceiling. With B.A.D. there isn't a glass ceiling; you have rebuilt the building to touch the sky and beyond! 
God bless, and thank you to Alba's Exclusive Events for being a part of this with us this week. 

Order your SWAG Bag for $20 includes two books Damia Willis, FBI,  I'M B.A.D. or Your Miracle …