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#BAD Entrepreneur: Changing Your Work Week

The 4 hour work week is not overrated. 
Not everyone can handle it.

One thing I've learned in a 4 hour work DAY is something I handled at work all the time: When an emergency arose and I had to leave, I hustled to get done in 1 hour what I had 3 hours to do. It makes you think if you didn't have distractions in your day you would just hustle and do it.

It's the same thing as an entrepreneur; stop letting distractions interrupt your day of sales. As an Entrepreneur you work on commission; whatever you put out YOU GET BACK...


We are the face of the future, because we will have Fortune 500 companies, but we must change our work week. How? We must realize that we have procrastinated too long in getting the job done and helping others do the same. Every small business started as a hustle. Every small business owner worked and quit a job. Every millionaire started somewhere. Every millionaire gives back.  As faith based entrepreneurs, we need to practice giving while learning, earning, and building; that means, changing how we work during the week. A few steps in applying this concept:

  • Pray all everyday. 
  • Make a plan to work a few hours a day take weekends off
  • Make a goal to bless someone who really NEEDS YOUR SERVICES with a free or discounted service
  • Automate blog posts, newsletters, etc to run over the weekend or the hours you're off
  • Use your social media FOR YOU not against you; leave your emotions out of the equation. 

When you change your work week, you will find you have more time to live and love instead of worry!



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