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B.A.D.Books: Reading is Fun-damental!

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I was in the fourth grade and it was time for parent/teacher conferences. I, like some others, had received a bad grade in reading. It wasn't the first time I had received a bad report; in the first grade I had received a low grade, for how I read but managed to get up to par by reading more often. Yes, this was after a beat down from my mom, but nonetheless, I got better. This time I got a low grade because I just didn't read.

Now, in the fourth grade, my mom came home and put me on punishment; no tv, no going outside, and no, NO, allowance. (At the time, a $2 allowance was quit a bit). She also said I had to read a book and give her a book report on it. Until I could read and give her a book report on the book SHE CHOSE, I couldn't get off punishment. The book she chose? It was one of two books: Around the world in Eighty Days or Robinson Crusoe. BORING!

Very boring, but, I finished the book in one week. When I finished the book and wrote my mother the book report and handed it to her, she was shocked I was done so quickly. She read the book report, skimmed through the book realizing I really READ THE BOOK.
We went shopping.
 I asked her to take me to the book store so I could get another book. I got three. One of which was Are you there, God? It's me Margaret. 

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Let's not forget I had to read Blubber because it was kind of about me.
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Over time I read what appealed to me, Young Adult love stories or mysteries. I was a cute tomboy, I guess, but nonetheless, these were books I liked. I started reading these books in one day. 
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Reading for me changed my life. It allowed me to go somewhere I couldn't go in my real life. Reading allowed me to run from my mother who found nothing to like about me her only child. I was able to read to get away from bullies (hey, I was the dark skinned, fat kid at Catholic school).

 I learned to use my creative mind for many things. I started writing poetry at twelve years old.

I was at the library every other week for new books when I couldn't purchase them.

We need to get the children back to reading; they need to know how creative their lives can be from reading. How many more of our youth will be ready to live EXTRAORDINARY lives because of what they read. Some of these books are not out of reach; they are just unheard of because, for years, we taught children, to get an education and good jobs. We never told them they could be creative individuals and create their own futures.

Knowledge is power.
Reading is FUN-DAMENTAL.

I want to encourage all of you to read. Get lost in a good book of Christian fiction or even a good wholesome romance novel. Take a break sometime and allow your minds to just wander. You can maxmize your bottom line by reading.

Take advantage of getting two free books on audio with Audible.

God bless your reading!!!
Dana Williamson