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B.A.D. Goals: Bounty, Aspirations and Due Diligence!

It has always been my concern to accomplish everything set before me to accomplish; sometimes it feels like a burden. Yet, consider what a burden is; it is something we take too long to do, and do not lean on God to help us accomplish.

The bible says to cast our burdens on Him; why don't we? Because some of our goals are to show people we can do it without giving God glory. God gives us an ability to accomplish MUCH, but we must acknowledge HIM IN FRONT OF OTHERS.

What does this have to do with goals?
We can't expect to receive if we don't know with whom we are receiving from; lack of spiritual connection, relationship, with the Father.

Study the book of James chapter 4 verses 2 and 3 about pride and lust.

You cannot get help with your goals, looking only to yourself and your strength to accomplish those goals. With this understanding seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be given to you. (Paraphrased; See Matthew 6:33)

B.A.D Goals is the blessings and anointings to get to a certain destiny. Today I will break down B.A.D. Goals and how to apply them in your life properly.

Blessed Bounty

When you are deciding what you want your results to be at the end of any day, week, month, look at what you want to make. Bounty is money, possessions, etc. What do you want financially? Do you want a new house, fix your car, etc. Make a note of what the bounty is and what you want it to be.

Thank God for it now; that bounty is coming from God. Declare and decree that bounty as yours!

Anointed Aspirations

What are aspirations? Ambition to achieve something. Now this is goal within itself. Write down what you want to achieve connected with what you want your bounty to be and aspire to get it. If you are passionate about achieving that THING you are ambitious about it. PRESS

The anointing in this, is the deep desire that God has given you to apply at this point. Set the goal, declare the bounty and aspire to get it.

Destined Due Diligence 

So here we are where the work needs to be done. Due diliegence is RESEARCHING what you need to do to get the work done and accomplish the goals. You can't just say it will happen or declare and decree it without putting in the work. You want to be a nurse? You can't walk in the hospital and just say BAM I'm a nurse. No, so do the research to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

Do the work!

God bless you as you go forth in your goals!

Dana Williamson
B.A.D. Coach Dana


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