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I am Dana Williamson C.E.O of B.A.D. Blessed, Anointed and Destined, LLC. As a business and lifestyle counselor, I bring my experience to the table as the Original B.A.D. Queen of the Round-Table; I help other women entrepreneurs see exactly who they are and why God gave them their particular assignment.

I speak to large or small groups, organizations or ministries to help women move into GROWTH! You can do all thing through Christ who strengthens you! ~~ Philippians 4:13

I help women who know they are leaders, are queens, and who rebuild the building without the glass ceiling. B.A.D. is not about adding the spiritual focus but remembering that it is included. B.A.D. has a series of services that help you to walk through doors that have already been opened for you:

  • B.A.D. Investors
  • B.A.D. Queens of the Round Table
  • B.A.D. Dana
  • B.A.D. University
  • B.A.D. Cinemas
  • Destined Publishing House

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God bless you, and remember you're B.A.D. too!