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SSS: Anthology

 Smart, Saved & Sexy: Self Care is Necessary
Book Anthology to be released July 2022

A Collection of  Women sharing their story of body or character shaming (rejection) to help others get deliverance and healing, and how self-care is important. 

"Women have a voice that has been shut for too long regarding their life experiences. Someone was like myself and had suicidal tendencies behind closed doors, or, like me, their skin was too dark (or too light)...we've been healed from the hurt and in this anthology we share how."

The women I'm looking for to join me are those who know their story will help another woman. These women have businesses, ministries or empowers other women daily having learned from the remnants of their past.

To join this anthology there is an investment. 


  • One chapter 1200 words
  • Woman of Faith
  • Be available for book signing at Game Changer brunch Sunday July 17th. 



Payment plan 

  • $125 05/25/2022
  • $125 06/08/22
  • $100 06/15/22
  • $100 06/22/22

Twelve books

Contributing Author Page w/personal PayPal link

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