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Blessed, Anointed & Destined

  • What does the end result look like to you? 
  • Where do you see yourself next week, next year, next decade? 
  • What happens as you get closer to your end result? 
  • How do you get there and then what happens when you are there? 

BLESSED                      ANOINTED             DESTINED

We help women who know they are leaders, are queens, and who rebuild the building without the glass ceiling. B.A.D. is not about adding the spiritual focus but remembering that it is included. B.A.D. has a series of services that help you to walk through doors that have already been opened:

B.A.D. Investors 
B.A.D. Queens of the Round Table
B.A.D. Billionaires Club 
B.A.D. University 

Yet, B.A.D. doesn't stop there.
 B.A.D. is the provision for the vision of 
Faith Bureau of Investigations International Ministries, F.B.I.

This ministry was established by God and given to Dana Williamson-Neal to head as Apostle to build and establish other ministries. The F.B.I. is not like any other ministry; Apostle Williamson-Neal helps others to birth out what is in them; for what God has called THEM TO DO. She also walks in the authority of calling out those things that are not of or in the will of God.

You will walk upright; you will not fear; you will speak with authority. You are faith based; faith filled, to accomplish this task that others before you couldn’t accomplish. Your  natural  investigations,  can  be  summed  up,  or  revealed,  by  your spiritual keys (the Bible and prayer) you currently have. The blessing you have  in  the  teaching  and  reading  from the  Prophetic  Patterns, are  what makes you #bad (blessed, anointed and destined). You have reached this plateau because you desire the clarity that you weren’t getting from the pulpits you’ve been under.

Welcome to B.A.D.~~F.B.I. 

(c) B.A.D., 2015