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My First Retirement from E.S.S.E.N.C.E of A Woman, LLC

I have been in training mode for about four days. In this training I have been working on what Dana needs to work on to build a $600 a day business. This means that I have to take a HIT, in order to do that. Well, I've been losing about that much a day to take this training.

I have been telling my clients for weeks not to do anything OUT OF DESPERATION; no matter how bad you need it or want it, its not for you to die trying to get it. Hence, the desperation.

So, what have I learned?

 I have learned to recognize where I have been to see where I am going. I have learned that I have retired more than three times from businesses that I developed over time. My first initial retirement was from E.S.S.E.N.C.E. of A Woman, LLC; this was my event planning business. I had high-end ideas, in a welfare community. I created events out of desperation, and failed UP; I continued to get the word out about myself and planning events, but not getting paid what I was worth.

When I realized that planning events, and sponsoring/presenting events were two different things, I quit. I retired and worked on what I knew best. At that time it was gifts and services; helping others to build themselves; encouraging others to start or grow as well as writing books on the same. My first retirement was from event planning. Next week we'll talk about my second retirement but learn this today:

NO MATTER, what people say, you have done something that you have learned from that you can't ever forget. Live from that place, love from that place, and continue to testify from that place!

God bless

Dana Williamson-Neal
#BAD Queen