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B.A.D. Leadership

Leaders learn how to lead everyday. They don't just pop up and BAM they're leaders. These exceptional people take time to learn, and in learning they build other leaders. Why is this important as a business owner or entrepreneur? You can't lead just because you've started something new; you lead by the trials, the errors, the failures, and the successes from those issues.

The B.A.D Leadership challenge starts April 1st for seven days. In those 7 days, if you join the challenge, you will see how to look at yourself, build according to God's plan, and help others do the same. This challenge isn't about being a billionaire, or a best selling author, it is about walking in the authority and integrity of both because others are watching you!

For a small investment of $1 per day you can be on your way to INCREASING YOUR LEADERSHIP QUALITIES!!

#‎BADLeadership‬ challenge starting tomorrow for 7 days. 

It is important to KNOW you are a leader AND connect WITH OTHER LEADERS. 

1.Increase your territory
2. Enlarge your spiritual insight to understand your leadership qualities.
3. Transparency is truth. 
4. Every business is more than you think
5. You are victorious as well as prosperous.
6. The best is here not yet to come
7. As a leader see your team as leaders
$7 includes daily email and audio.
This challenge is an intro to the #BADLeadership course that will be offered at B.A.D. University
$7 payable through