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B.A.D. F.B.I.: The Journey Begins

I started my journey in this van traveling 750 miles from Wisconsin; by the grace and favor of God we made it to the first destination on this leg of the race. I am encouraged for the next leg without overthinking it. 

The drive out of Wisconsin helped me realize I could do anything God called me to do; I was moving and serving as God intended. It was a challenge to just get in the van and not turn around. It was a challenge to go with little money in my pocket, a few snacks, and vehicle reliable by my faith in God only. I could hear people in my head telling me not to do this or not to do that and I almost gave in, but I didn't. 

Over 700 miles later, here I am, on the second leg of the journey. I have been calling this in the field investigations or field work because as B.A.D. F.B.I. that is what I do; business and ministry in the field. 
I believe I have helped some people understand their calling and obtain confirmation of the messages God has given them. If can impart anything in them as I write this blog, my words would be just this simple:

The Father spoke to you as He spoke to so many other prophets and willing servants. If you had any doubt before today, don't let it overwhelm you any longer. Follow along the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11. Study it. Accept it. Live it. Repent by it and live holy BECAUSE OF IT. In Jesus name. 

God bless you all
Dana Williamson