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B.A.D.F.B.I: The Journey Continues

After one week 750 miles south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I boarded a Greyhound bus headed to the West Coast; Los Angeles, California. It would take me 2.5 days, uncomfortable sleep, spiritual encounters and a long walk up a steep hill, but I made it.

The trip to California was long and the bus was two hours late getting there. I traveled to Cali in the same faith walk as I did driving to Mississippi; the problem is, I was going where I knew 2, maybe 2 people. I was challenging myself as I could have easily turned back around and went home; home to Milwaukee. It was my aunt (in the pictures above) that encouraged me with a few short words: 

I am excited for you. 

Ministry is not what people think it is; very different getting dressed up for Sunday service and serving meals at Thanksgiving, ministry means moving as God says. Headed to California, I met people in the bus stations during the layovers. A woman headed home to see her children after visiting her deceased sisters children for a few weeks; a young lady going back to Texas after living in Virginia for so long, and then there was Taylor and Jay. 

A bus station musical group was formed by a hello and a lasting friendship was created by blessing someone who blessed us with his voice. I can't even tell you the fullest extent of my 'visit' at the Dallas Greyhound station, but I will share my encounter with Jay and Taylor, coupled with 'security' and a wonderful worker I'll call Shay was a blessing to my soul, as I was available to serve. 

God used someone to minister to me on the route from Dallas to California (note: a bus ride has many layovers); God used the women pictured with me below to share some words of encouragement that kept me going: 

You're going to do great things. 

On that same ride, I answered questions about relationships and working for God; I wasn't ever ashamed that my journey was not about me but FOR ME FOR OTHERS (I hope you caught that because it's very important to our futures. lol) I shared parts of me I thought I never would. I finally told someone, as the wife, I played second to everyone. Many knew it; I knew it. Yet to tell someone I learned something of great value from THAT EXPERIENCE, I have no bitterness about it, was a stepping stone for me in so many ways. 

I believe my hotel in California was used as the Bates Motel in the movie. I will never go back. Yet the community I was in, I would love to go back and visit. I must say, I am the only person I  know that travels out of state and rides the city transit to get around. I have memorabilia from a great "subway" ride. 

As I write this I'm asking myself why wasn't I scared? Because God didn't give me a spirit of fear. As the ministry leader of Faith Bureau of Investigations International Ministries and CEO of B.A.D. I was on assignment, and, actually, I still am. 

I had a little over 8 hour wait at Union Station for my bus to Vegas. I purposely bought a ticket for the late bus so I could sleep on the way; funny how we went through some mountains (never again!) While waiting on my departure time, I had a great encounter with another lady, whom God used as well, to encourage me. She blessed me with a cup of coffee and said:

You motivate me. 

I was glad. I blushed. I was thankful. I praised God. 

There is nothing like reaching the people where they are for the assignment you're on and staying focused on the task. 

God bless