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Forget the YEAR, Happy New LIFE!

This has been a whirlwind year!! Yes, 2018 has been a whirlwind, GOD SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT type of year. I have truly been blessed and can't wait for the next year!

You're all thinking, has she lost her mind? 2017 just started. No, I haven't lost my mind, I have decided in order to walk in, and be EXPECTANT FOR, all that God has for me, I need to act like it's already done. 

So, forget happy new year, HAPPY NEW LIFE is a changed mindset. 

Okay, we can back up and go over what I'm talking about so you can catch up. Keep in mind you must adjust your mind to know at 12/31/18, all of what I have listed has happened. NO STAFF MEMBER OF THE DEVIL CAN STOP THIS:

  • Multi-Use Building
  • Office for Counseling Services
  • B.A.D. University Building (completes 2 locations)
  • Completion of Basic Construction training
  • Entrepreneurial Journey Up training 
  • Income increased by 200%
  • Millionaire status 

This is just a short list; it doesn't include any personal goals or the other people I have helped in this process. The blessing is it's done. My life changed, again, when I said "Lord, I must have missed something." I have asked this question many times over and over again in the last  six years. Each time the LORD has answered. On December 14, 2017, I met with Kingdom Minded friends; one of them said two things so profound, my 2018 changed that day:
1. I was stuck.
2. If I realize the provision is already there, I just have to go through thru the process to reach it.

This is totally the look I gave him. 

How do you tell someone they believe of God but not in HIM? Then it hit me. We all go through life saying yes, I know He's there and I better not sin because He's watching, but no one says, God HAS PROVIDED because He said He would. 

Let that marinate for a moment

If we walked in life as if the PROVISION was there, would we always be in lack? How much are we going to test God with--$5? $1000? $1,000,000? How do we expect to change our lives if we don't change our minds? 

The perspective depends on the expectation. So FORGET THE NEW YEAR..HAPPY NEW LIFE is on the horizon and you deserve all God said you could have. 

Blessings to you! 
Dana Williamson
Accountability COUNSELOR!