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B.A.D. is Underrated

What happened, seven years ago, when B.A.D. was established? What HAS HAPPENED since then to show growth, and empowerment for others.

Lots of things.
But who is noticing?

No one.

Being blessed, anointed, and destined is underrated. Why? No one wants to go through the struggle of the hustle to being on point or in position to share the wealth. They want the wealth, position, etc., to fall from the sky. Yet, that isn't what BAD is about.

We are, I am, underrated because the real life is happening around me. Real issues. Real choices. Real everything. I got hired FROM A CONVERSATION with JDog Junk Removal Menomonee Falls; I've been there three months. It was a God thing. (Blessed) For some reason I'm there.

I graduated from a construction program I should have never been apart of (I don't do manual labor); the oldest and one of two women. (Anointed)

Now, although, I am waiting on the destined part, I am excited to see what is coming next.

Here's my dilemma, none of you realize being B.A.D. is not bad at all, it's good. You must be in expectation for the next level of life in order to know you're B.A.D.

Okay, Coach Dana, how is that underrated? 
People see the spirituality and think religion.
I walk in my spirituality because of relationship.
Where is your relationship with the Father in Heaven?
Dana Williamson