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Building Something New

As you may have noticed, here on the website, I have made some adjustments.
These adjustments include the focus of the #BAD brand and it's additions.

Someone is saying, she's doing too much and doesn't have focus; I'm saying, tomorrow I could die, so I'm doing all of what God said I could do now. Not only is tomorrow not promised, I don't want to meet God with unfinsihed business on my hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm building something new.

I have added interior design to the bad brand, coupling organization with that to maximize the design bottom line for my clients. In building something new, I'm putting my hands to work leaving nothing on the table to guess from.

When a person like me decides to recreate where she is in life, she doesn't stop moving. As I learned from my recent assignment: You must HUSTLE, STRUGGLE, GRIND.

Click the Queen Cuts link here on the website or go here and follow the updates.

Thank you!

Dana Williamson