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Get off the Sidelines

It is that time of year where football, basketball, and baseball all run together. We love our sports!
I want to talk to you about winning at this game called entrepreneurship; this game called business.

When you started in business, you felt a fire in your belly; a fire pushing you forward to do what you loved, what you liked, what you were passionate about.

You let the fire go out and sat on the sidelines of life, hoping no one would see.

I see. I see you struggling to smile. I see you struggling to get through the month barely paying bills. I see struggling to accept you sat down.

NO, you didn't fail; you just let everyone else play the game without you.

How can you make the change right now to get off the sidelines?

  1. Pray
  2. Brush the dust off your dream
  3. Pull up the plan and re-read it 
  4. Start somewhere with the shortest goal you can accomplish today
  5. Schedule a consultation with us on where to go next. 

There is a purpose in getting off the sidelines and putting your business on blast starting today!

It's the goal! Let's score before 2019 gets here!

Dana Williamson
B.A.D. Queen