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Straight No Chaser

There is nothing wrong with being bold.

I had someone tell me I was an alpha female; nothing wrong with that.

But I started to think, how can I be a woman of God, ministry leader and be an alpha female?

There must be something wrong with that...right?

Not at all.

Let me tell you why...

Being a bold influential person, even if it's a bad influence, is BOLD move on the behalf of the assignment and issue at hand. I have, for years, told you there are people in our lives that are nonfactors; they are minor to the things of God and what He has said to do. 

The only real message AND messenger is the one loaded with spiritual facts. What is this, you say? 

It's me giving it to you STRAIGHT NO CHASER. I'm a woman of God. I am an ordained pastor and Apostle. I am a business and life-style counselor. I am certified in construction. I AM, giving it to you STRAIGHT. 

I am an alpha female, but being an African American woman, this doesn't make me an ANGRY BLACK woman, it just makes me stand on FAITH in order to FACE the fear. 

They tell us to have the answers to your markets questions. My market - women of faith - want answers on how to start, build, and get through while not compromising their faith. I know those answers. I have those answers. I just can't butter it and put sugar on it to make it go down easy. 

Business is business. 
Faith is faith. 
Walk in it with your head held high and stop acting like you can't. 
Make a choice. 
We can do this. 
I have done this. 

Watch me. 

Dana Williamson 
B.A.D. Queen