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You Deserve Better

When you are blessed, anointed and destined, you don't talk about it; you pray about it and let God handle the rest! 

In the past few months, I put me aside to help another; I even told him I was there to make him successful. I may have failed at that in ONE way, but everything else was all #BADDana. Being in that place allowed me to be me and only the devil in hell could have used ME being ME to break my heart in the end. 


Challenges were set and met. 
Goals were given and achieved. 
Smiles, frowns, anger was there... 
In the end, good decisions were made for all. 

The point is, everyone deserves better; whatever that may be. The choices we make should be best for others, not just for ourselves. When I look at what B.A.D.F.B.I. can, and will, do for you, I think about what you deserve. 

You deserve a counselor (not just a coach) whom will
  • help you see the best in you. 
  • tell you boxes can be crushed. 
  • show you a faithful process not just a logical one. 
  • give you time to adjust to change. 
  • encourage you to be a game changer, not a player. 
You deserve better than another course, another meme, and another negative bank account. 

Dana Williamson
Originally B.A.D. Queen