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No More Black Friday: Diamond Days

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is too much drama around Black Friday so I am starting DIAMOND Days!

I love how diamonds sparkle, but I also love the process a piee of coal goes through to become a diamond.

With that, here are some of my Diamond Day (formerly Black Friday) Specials:

Four years ago, the Lord took me through a spiritual training. This training allowed me to learn more about myself, how the religious mindset affects us, and how we're losing a battle because of a lack of determined focus. 

The Prophetic Patterns teaching was developed to help those that walk in the prophetic to understand their walk; to understand everything happening to/in/around them. 

From the teaching came the journal, from the journal we have the Prophetic Pattern of the Word (scriptures according to the pattern).

Prophetic Patterns Teaching $19.95
Top Secret (Prophetic Patterns Journal) $10
Prophetic Patterns of the Word $10

Now, through November 18th we are offering all three books for $25.00 ($3.00 Shipping)

You can place your order at any time starting today.
Allow 1-2 week delivery AFTER sale ends.

I will be a vendor at Haly Hopson's Rise Up Women Of God! The Great Commission to be held on November 24th. 
I'm offering a Diamond Days package for all those interested in attending. 
The package includes $10 off Queen Investors & Design consultation ($80 Hourly rate), If the Crown First Shirt (long or short sleeve $30 value), Organization E-Book ($10 Value) and ticket to the great commission. 
$49.95 contact me for invoicing and payment options. 
In order to receive the entire package, you must be in attendance of the Great Commission.