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A Different Type of Blessing

This year, I decided to publish a genre very different than what I read, write, or speak about. I wanted to be of assistance to an upcoming author, showing her the difference between my publishing company and others.

What I discovered, even now the day of the launch, is I was missing my point in my community. I'm here for a reason. Not to just live but to be present.

Trapped: No Way Out is a blessing to my soul.

The author, Tyann Williamson-Dixon, took me out of my comfort zone causing me to see what I was missing. The reality of being an entrepreneur and a business leader in a community riddle with death and mental destruction is not just about personal survival but the survival of a village.

I'm not telling you I want to be here the rest of my life, but this book was a blessing of what to do right now, right here, for everyone.

Trapped: No Way Out is not just about the reality of hood life, but the reality of women across the globe.

A woman faces rape.
A woman faces ridicule from family
A woman faces love lost.
A woman faces more thing than she lets on.

In various phases of her life, a woman is trapped. God gives us a way out...eventually.