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The Cheap Seats

I have been an entrepreneur since February of 1999.

My why for being in business started with three little faces; my children. I wanted to be available to them and could not do that working for someone else.

Life happened and I failed to build my multi-million dollar company. From 2002 through 2012, I allowed people to discourage me every time I tried to level-up.

Since 2012, I have been playing catch up in the business game. I have been moving toward the things God has given me to do and I am good at. There is a reason I am Dana Unlimited. Seven years after recharging my mind to build my business, I realize my market is not in the cheap seats.

The Discovery

You see, the cheap seats are the people on various social media outlets only looking for what they can get for free. The cheap seats are for those who want to maximize their business bottom line but undermining your skills, your thoughts, your resources.

My clients aren't sitting in those seats.

My clients are in the seats they have paid top dollar for and want the top NOTCH information.
There is so much information I giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., beneficial for all those who come across what I've shared, there must be a space for those who want to feel special; set apart.

Sure, I give away more motivation than products or services, but in that motivation is my small business why, my experiences, and my advice. I charge for counseling services, books, and services. The cheap seats are for everyone not able to invest.

Luxury seating is for you when you're able. Luxury seating is for those who level up every day for business and life.

Ask yourself:
Where are your clients?
What are you bringing to the table for them to decide they will pay for your services? --they will invest in what you're offering?

Now ask, what do you need to help bring the right clients out of the cheap seats?

The Solution

B.A.D. Queens of the Round-Table was established to bring women of faith together to build their businesses. This is not your everyday networking group; this is the membership community changing the game.

I am not the woman ready to help you. I am the woman to help you. 
I am the original B.A.D. Queen. 
                                                                                                      Dana Williamson 

To join this membership community you must first understand what it entails. You won't find that answer here, but get ready, it is coming.


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