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 There is always a point in life where you need a 'do-over'. We need to re-evaluate what we've done regarding the purpose and the plan. 

At some point, we need to push ourselves past where we are to get to where we're going. Why is this vital for now? 

Destined Publishing House is going on public hiatus right now. This means we will not be sharing we have publishing services or taking on new clients before the new year. 

In the new year we will have higher prices, more staff, and a will look at manuscripts before taking them on. Why do you ask? 

Because there is a lot of work put in publishing, editing, making it physically appealing, etc. Most people don't know the work that goes in behind that and ASSUME we do nothing. The only thing that comes easy to me is saying yes to God no matter how hard the assignment. 

Taking your work and making it a work of art without taking away from your writting, your message, and your hard work God gave you, TAKES WORK. 

We will review manuscripts. 


The B.A.D. brand will be stepping back from one on one coaching through Coach Dana. 

The B.AD. Queens network is being revitalized and enhanced right now to offer more at your fingertips than I have now. I will always direct you to my group The Royal Cout, and then the membership site for the ladies. It is necessary you get to know me and what I tell you to do with the option of doing it or not, than to pay me and you don't do what is necessary for your business and try to fault the coach. 

Nope. Not happening. 

Why so blunt, Dana? 

Well, I have been through a lot in 20+ years; I have experienced so much in business and ministry I have to say, I know what I"m doing, but I know it takes time for you to understand me and why I push you towards your greatness. God gave you the power and told you to do this; I won't let you quit. 

As I finish the One-Woman Confernece, I am workng on the START OVER. Things have been in motion since the start of September. Things have been slowly coming to fruitioni what God said. 

That's the update and the insight on the start over. Please go over to the Youtube channel for more motivation, encouragment and PUSH!